"Your life does not get better by chance, 
it gets better by change."
Edith A. Moik
Godkjent av NLH


Pedersgata 26, 4013 Stavanger, Norway
2. floor at Stavanger Soneterapi & Akupunktur
mob.: 0047 91137089

My name is Edith A. Moik. I was initially studying and training to work exclusively with my own issues, but since I had such success in such short time with myself, I have started helping family and friends to overcome their issues. I rapidly began to expand my therapeutic portfolio treating a wider range of conditions. My therapy methods became my own life style I wish now to share with you. 

My mission is to spread the knowledge that I’ve learned so that others don’t have to go through the same mistakes I did while finding my niche. I hope you’ll take this journey with me so I can make your road a little less bumpy.

In my capacity as High Sensitive Person, certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT and Psy Tap Practitioner as well as Massage Therapist I`ll do my best to help you to get better, feel wholeness and enjoy your wellbeing too. 

I wish to see you as few times as possible. I work fast and as effectively as my techniques allow me, and those seem to be time and cost effective for my clients who quickly begin to progress into a new future. Allow me to guide you and drop the baggage so you are able to move on to the life you want. 

No matter how long you have had an issue for, or how deep it is, or how much it has held you back, it is still possible to release it and get your wellbeing back.

Please feel free to contact me now to see how I may help as you have nothing to lose by talking to me. Initial consultations on email or phone are free. Consultations are also available on Skype.             

"Edith Moik is one of the best Therapists that I have trained in Norway. She is a very caring and intelligent person and she has a very wide range of therapeutic skills that means that she is extremely effective at treating a large variety of issues. She is a highly skilled practitioner who can be trusted to work professionally to achieve the very best results for her clients. I have no hesitation in recommending Edith to anyone looking for a good Therapist."   
Steve Burgess
(Hypnotherapy and EFT Trainer, one of the world's leading hypnosis and EFT therapists)