A Place For Women To Grow 
While On A Path 
Of Self - Discovery 


Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.

No matter how long you have had an issue for, or how deep it is, 
or how much it held you back,it is still possible to release it
and get your wellbeing back.
                                                                                  Edith A. Moik

I’m lovingly asking you to stop the nonsense of being not good enough and finally start to live the life you know you were meant to live.

                                                - Edith A. Moik

Comprehensive coaching program so that you can fast-track your personal transformation and live the life you are meant for!
The tools, training, and support that’s been missing in you life up until now, so you can truly begin to flourish.

The “I’m Enough” program was a positive and practical journey of self-discovery for me- I gained a new understanding that change is possible, and the hope that even my deepest-rooted issues can be “uprooted”. Thank you Edith, for the encouragement, guidance and coaching that helped me address the self-limiting behaviors and thoughts keeping me from being the person I want to be. Now I want to use the techniques and concepts I learned to move forward into making true changes in my life! I can recommend this program to anyone who wants to understand more about how to get “unstuck” in their life, and move forward to a better place. 🙂

- Chris 

Go for it because it is done in a kind, gentle and safe way that makes you feel part of like- minded people in a safe environment.

- Uli

Very interesting and worth making course. Different from others. Very well prepared. Edith is very kind and competent.

- Dominika

I recommend from the bottom of my heart if you want to find your own path in life.

- Joanna


  • *going from where you are right now to where you want to be 

  • *from going through the motions each day to keep you from loosing ground to waking up       each day knowing the day will be filled with purpose, passion and progress

  • *from feeling constrained by your current circumstances and obligations to feeling liberated   to really enjoy your life

  • *from believing you must continue to settle for what you can get to knowing you can create   the life you really want