A Place For Women To Grow 
While On A Path 
Of Self - Discovery 


Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.

No matter how long you have had an issue for, or how deep it is, 
or how much it held you back,it is still possible to release it
and get your wellbeing back.
                                                                                  Edith A. Moik

This coaching did for me what a decade of therapy and personal development could not. My addiction is gone!

- Beate

Thank you so much! I am now living from my highest self, with total integrity and honor. I receive daily comments from people who are noticing it.

- Elisabeth

I am now calmer, happier and look forward with hope.

- Joanna

Having the dialogue with my critical voice helped me understand its motivation, that it is not necessarily my enemy, and that it can be changed.

- Chris

I’ve had a powerful shift in my relationship with my husband that turned our marriage around because of this life coaching I should have done years ago. Thank you for your patience!

- Anne

I’m finally now attracting men of good character and I’m being asked out. I'm not affraid any more of being left alone!

- Monica